Celtic Policies

Updated May 5, 2019

Celtic Dues and Participation: Members of Celtic SC pay dues on a quarterly basis or pay by seasons. If a player is taking a season off and has not paid dues for that quarter, the player is not permitted to practice with the team or attend team athletic events such as tournaments and leagues. Dues will not be prorated for reduced weekly or monthly participation. Dues are nonrefundable once the season begins.  

Exception to prorated dues: players in 7th grade and older may be offered a prorated dues package during school soccer season or a new member to the club joining mid season.

Exceptions to dues refunds: injuries or family moving out of the area in the middle of a season.


Outstanding Dues: Club dues are required to be paid before the start of each season. Dues will be invoiced via TeamSnap. If payment is not received by the start of the season we ask that you refrain from attending team events until dues are paid. If you plan to take a season off please email Tom Wilson coach.tom@celticssc.com or Gary DePalma coach.gary@celticssc.com. We can then cancel your invoice for that season. Outstanding dues must be paid before player can resume participation.


Registration Fee: Each fall season or your first season returning or beginning with the club during the soccer calendar year starting August 1 and running to July 31 a $20 fee will be added to the seasons dues. This fee covers the registration costs involved with purchasing a player pass through US Club Soccer.

Sign-up in Team Snap: Once a “YES” entry is made in Team Snap, a player is committing to an event. Unless an extraordinary circumstance occurs such as an injury or illness, the family is expected to uphold the commitment.


Collection of Tournament Fees: Fees for tournaments will be invoiced via TeamSnap. If a player does not submit tournament payment in a timely manner the player may be removed from the tournament roster. It is final discretion of the coach and director whether player can participate in a tournament that they have not paid for yet. Outstanding tournament fees need to be paid prior to attending a future tournament.Tournament fee refunds will not be given. If a player cannot make the event after invoices are sent they still owe the fee. Only exception is injury or extreme circumstance approved by the Celtic board of directors or a replacement player is found by the coach.


Coaching Fees: For all tournaments coaching fees will be added to the application cost and shared by the players attending the event. Coaching fees are intended to cover lodging, food, gas, and coaching time. The fee breakdown as follows:

  • 1 day tournament = $100

  • 1 day tournament with 1 night stay = $200

  • 2 day tournament with 1 night stay = $300

  • 2 day tournament with 2 night stay = $400


Parents at Indoor Practice: For futsal practices parents may be asked to stay outside the gym during training. Distractions for players and coaches should be limited and team independence promoted. The gyms are small and can get noisy with too many spectators. We aim to provide the best environment for players to maximize their focus and development of their game.


Bullying: Bullying will not be tolerated. Coaches will make every effort to be on top of player conduct and will communicate any issues with parents. However, coaches cannot see/hear all. Parents and players also have a responsibility to alert the coaches of any bullying behavior. Bullying will be resolved on a case by case basis and parents will be notified immediately to report any incidents.


Submitting concerns or complaints: If you are not satisfied with something from a game or practice please don’t approach the coach right away. We ask that you wait 24 hours give yourself time to process and decompress. Dealing with our kids can be emotional and when emotions are high things can get misinterpreted or become negative. After 24 hours if you feel the concern still needs addressed give me or your coach a call. We are always happy to chat or plan a time to meet after practice.