Frequently Asked Questions

Membership and Dues

How do I know if Celtic Soccer is right for my player?

Celtic SC is looking for kids committed to becoming better players and who love the game. We offer multiple training sessions per week with professional coaches and trainers in various environments (indoor Futsal and outdoor). Birth years currently range from 2004-2014. Our technical director, Gary DePalma, will evaluate your child to provide feedback and determine if Celtic SC is a good fit.


How do I join Celtic SC?

  • Celtic Juniors:  Register online, all are accepted to sign-up.

  • U8 - U10 player:  All players regardless of ability are accepted up to a roster limit. If we reach our maximum roster, an assessment night will be held to make final roster decisions.

  • U11 and up:   New players must attend an assessment night before being added to the roster.


Please send an email indicating your interest to:

Gary DePalma

Celtic SC

Technical Director

An appointment will be scheduled for your player to visit a training session for assessment.

When are sign ups?

Registration closes 2 weeks into each season.


Does Celtic SC have boys and girls teams?

Currently, Celtic SC teams are boys’ teams. However, girls are welcome and several train and play with Celtic SC on the boys’ teams. The Club is seeking to expand offerings and hopes to have girls’ teams in the future.


How much does Celtic Soccer cost?

Payment is collected each season: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. Seasonal (quarterly) dues are approximately $315. This includes on average 3 training sessions per week. A typical schedule for the Spring, Summer and Fall, includes indoor practice once per week. Winter is exclusively indoor. During most quarters there are over 40 training session opportunities, making Celtic SC an excellent value. Tournaments are not included in this price and are not manditory for your child.


What are the approximate dates of the seasons?

Fall: First week of September - Thanksgiving
Winter: First week of December - end of February
Spring: First week of March - Memorial Day
Summer: Mid-June - Mid-August (this season is two months with reduced dues)


Do you offer sibling discounts?

We currently do not offer sibling discounts.


How do I pay dues?

Members will receive an email with a link to pay dues via credit card and can also pay by check.

Can I pay a portion of dues since I won’t be able to participate for part of the session?

No, we are not able to prorate dues.

*There are exceptions for players who participate in school soccer or experience an injury.


Can I receive a refund for dues?

Refunds can be given while registration is open. Once registration closes dues cannot be prorated.



How often do you practice?

Training sessions per week vary by age group. Typically, we do three days of training during the weekdays.


Where are practices held?

We utilize various Centre Parks and Recreation fields throughout State College for outdoor practice. Indoor practice is held at elementary or middle school gymnasiums and C3 Sports (near the mall) year round.


Are players eligible to participate with Celtic SC if they play another sport?

Yes. We have many kids who participate in a variety of sports. We only ask that if you commit to an event or competition, that your commitment to your team is upheld.


What size ball do I need?

U8 and under = Size 3

U9-U12 = Size 4

U13 and up = Size 5


What size/brand of futsal ball?

  • U5 - U10 Players are required to bring a Mikasa SWL-317 F- Mini, which is a size 2 futsal ball.

  • U11 and up can use a can use a size 4, 5 or Senior. We recommend Nike, Senda or Select for brands.

  • Futsal ball sizes are not standardized, so some brands go with number sizes and others use Junior/Senior. All brands are a little different in circumference as well.


Level of Play and Games

Do all players play in their age group?

New players start in their age group and are continually assessed. If we believe a player is not being challenged at their current age group we will request that they play up. 


Where do you play soccer matches?

US Youth Soccer only allows one community club per town or area and unfortunately that isn't us.  This is why we don't play in the PA West leagues. Our teams try to attend 2-5 tournaments during our four seasons and compete against top clubs throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. The amount of travel for competitive play varies by season and age group. 

Some of our teams have just begun participating in the Atlantic Premier League.  This is a highly competitive league that gives our players a chance to test themselves against some of the best clubs from PA, DE, NJ and MD.  


How are tournament rosters determined?

The Technical Director and coaches for each team determine the roster. Rosters could be created simply through a sign-up and cap for number of players or by coach selection of players for more competitive events.


Do I have to use the tournament housing or can I stay with friends/family?

It’s acceptable to stay with friends/family. Those in need of a hotel should use designated tournament housing as required by the tournament.




How do I buy a uniform?

The Club will notify members when the uniform store is open. We typically open orders twice per year. In the interim, Celtic SC maintains extra kits that are available to borrow for tournaments and events.



My company may want to provide a sponsorship. Who do I contact?

Please contact Gary DePalma (contact info above).  He would be happy to talk with you or any potential sponsor.