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Our mission

Our goal is to create an environment that enables committed soccer players to develop the technical and tactical skills necessary to compete at the highest levels of organized soccer while understanding the importance of good sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for self and others.

We aim to develop smart and creative soccer players with excellent technical skills, work ethic, and soccer knowledge.

The Culture

Facilitating Passion | Instilling Work Ethic | Positivity & Inclusion

We understand that gratification, longevity, and fulfilment in all ages and levels of soccer are derived from having fun and love for the game. Our club culture revolves around people with a passion and enjoyment for soccer and we try to promote and
prioritize these values in every training session and game.

We want our players to be challenged consistently and to experience hard earned success through soccer. We believe that healthy adversity is necessary for growth to occur, not only in soccer but in all aspects of life. It’s our duty as an organization to help instill a sturdy work ethic and resiliency in all Celtic players, and to prepare them to create their own success.

It’s paramount that all members of the Celtic organization are held accountable to be supportive, friendly, and helpful to their peers. We expect our players’ actions and language to be fair, positive, encouraging, accepting and inclusive in order to build self- confidence and respect throughout the club.


a beautiful game

Creativity | Collective Play | Hard Work & Persistence

We believe that Celtic soccer should be a place where trying new skills, making mistakes, and learning by repetition are not only tolerated, but celebrated. Celtic players are encouraged to constantly test their limitations and expand their skillset in order to gain confidence at increasingly higher levels of the game.

We want our players to become well-rounded, versatile, and proactive in all areas of the game. And to understand that soccer is a fluid game with a constantly changing tactical
landscape. We encourage our players to see the game as such, and to view their team as a collective shape with a common objective, rather than grouping players with positional or situational restrictions. Celtic players should understand the importance of moving as a team unit, attacking, defending, transitioning collectively.

Celtic players will be constantly challenged and asked to do more in a positive and encouraging manner. We believe that it is our job to facilitate challenges during soccer training, and to use positive reinforcement to help create the intrinsic drive necessary to overcome them. We believe that the hard work, resiliency, and persistence required to be successful in sport can be developed in a caring, constructive way and will benefit all facets of life.

Player expectations

Teamwork | Sportsmanship | Respect

  1. Positive Attitude, Inclusiveness, & Sportsmanship

  2. Hard Work & Best Effort in All Soccer Training/Games

  3. Attendance to All Possible Club Events & Functions

  4. Attentiveness & Cooperation at All Team Events

  5. Physical Preparation for Soccer Training/Games

  6. Attention to Academics


Our vision

To be recognized as the leader in the development of soccer players in central PA through professional soccer training. This training includes year-round structured
practice sessions and playing matches at the highest competitive, age-appropriate level possible. Through sponsorships and fundraising, Celtic SC would like to provide these opportunities at the lowest possible costs.

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